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Help! I’ve got a job interview tomorrow: How to get the job!

The definitive guide to preparing for, attending and following up after all job interviews

I’m Jonathan Graham and I’ve been helping candidates prepare and succeed in interviews for over 20 years.
My experience in assisting with interview preparation began when I worked for a top search and selection firm in the Square Mile in London.

By briefing hundreds of people for interviews I noticed that many candidates, even very senior ones, were wracked with nerves about their interview, often leading to them failing spectacularly. I knew that with a simple and consistent approach I could help them to turn down the volume on their fears and turn up their interview performance.

But then I noticed something else that shocked me.

The same questions were coming up again and again and again. I couldn’t believe it. Exactly the same questions were being asked and candidates were struggling to answer them. It was then I realised that if I could help my candidates to consistently answer these questions well, their success rates would skyrocket. And that’s exactly what happened!

Through trial and error, I devised an approach that anyone can use to prepare properly for the most common interview questions. The feedback from my candidates told me that I was on to something. They started to actually look forward to interviews because they knew they would do well.

And then the job offers started to roll in too!

Do you panic the night before an interview?

It’s a common occurrence and not only affects performance on the day of the interview, but can affect your wellbeing in the weeks leading up to the interview too, impacting on your quality of life.

You’ve experienced some or all of these, right?

  • You spend the night before an interview struggling to sleep
  • You regurgitate the same ineffective answers at every interview
  • You enter the interview full of nerves and lacking in confidence 
  • There is no conviction in your answers because you’re unsure of what to say
  • You go to interview after interview hoping it will be better this time, but it never is  
  • You’re wondering how on earth to ace these interviews and get the job!

Let’s put an end to that!

This Ultimate Interview Course teaches you how to prepare, approach and succeed at all types of job interview you may face.

The course takes students through everything they will need to know in order to greatly increase their chances of getting a job offer. Student feedback has shown that people feel much more prepared, calm and ultimately more confident when approaching job interviews.

This course is the result of 20 years working in recruitment and training, and being a candidate myself multiple times! I know that the content in this course will help you to prepare properly for any interview you attend, and to be successful in securing a job offer. I know it works because I have used it, and I have taught many others successfully also.

You will learn how to prepare properly so that you go into each interview in the best possible position. You’ll learn how to research the job description, the company you are going to, the person you are meeting and you’ll know how to put all these things together with the information from your CV. Doing this will make you a much more professional candidate who will impress at any interview.

You’ll be able to approach any interview you may face, from telephone interviews, to face to face interviews and we’ll even cover assessment days. I have put all my knowledge into this course, and I know it works!

For just £297 you could increase your confidence and land your next job!

Yes I want to ace my next interview!

Words From Students

Here are a selection of testimonials from people who have used taken the course.

“The calm methodical approach of the instructor together with the comprehensive content of the course was really beneficial. The overall approach showing the employers view point and how to interpret various questions and provide a suitable response has been very helpful. Overall what I have gained most from the course is CONFIDENCE I now feel ready for my interview or any interview.”

“The course is very comprehensive and has made me aware of the need to consider the interview from the potential employer’s point of view. There is much more preparation required than I had appreciated and the course has made me realise that the interview is in effect a mini project. The lectures are easy to follow and understand and the conversational approach has made the course appear shorter than I had anticipated. My time on this course has been very well spent and the course has made me much more confident for my next interview.”

“Jonathan’s drawn on his extensive experience in recruitment, hiring, coaching and training, and created an online course that walks you through each of the critical steps within the interview process. This is a comprehensive guide in how to get it right including the all important preparation and follow-up stages. To help with your research and preparation, Jonathan’s included a number of pro formas that you can download and complete. An invaluable course that you can refer to whenever needed.”


Picture for a moment your next interview. As you sit outside the room waiting to go in, you’re feeling the same as you’ve always felt, nervous, sweaty palms, the feeling of not being in control but knowing that with the right preparation things could have been very different.

Now imagine you’ve done that preparation and you feel confident and ease for your next interview. How would that change things for you? How much better would you feel?

If your answer is confident, prepared and ready to ace that interview then it’s time to start using the Ultimate Interview Questions Worksheet.

Yes I want to ace my next interview!

Did you know that the average salary increase when people move jobs is 10%. How much would that mean for you? £1,500, £2,000, £5,000? Your investment of just £297 for the Ultimate Interview Course is a ‘no-brainer’ when you consider how much your salary will rise as a result of you acing your interview and getting a job with a higher salary. It’s a risk-free purchase.

But nothing is risk-free, right? Wrong.

Because I am 100% sure that you’ll be more confident in your next interview and give better answers, I’m offering you a 30-day money back guarantee. Yes that’s right, all your money back if you don’t feel that the course has made you a more confident candidate.

Simply email me your notes and tell me why it didn’t work for you, and I’ll refund your money right away. No questions asked.

Remember, hundreds of people have benefitted from using my approach and landed themselves a better job as a result. Not only that, but they’ve used the worksheet over and over again for all their interviews and they’ve never paid a penny extra.

There are two types of people I’ve worked with over the years. There are those that ‘talk the talk’ and say they want to get a better job and there are those that ‘walk the walk’ and actually get a better job. Which type are you? If you’re the second type then take action now and download the Ultimate Interview Course.

Yes I want to boss the interview! Sign up here.

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