Jonathan Graham

Hi, I'm Jonathan Graham

I’m Jonathan Graham and I’ve been helping candidates prepare and succeed in interviews for over 20 years.

My experience in assisting with interview preparation began when I worked for a top search and selection firm in the Square Mile in London.

By briefing hundreds of people for interviews I noticed that many candidates, even very senior ones, were wracked with nerves about their interview, often leading to them failing spectacularly. I knew that with a simple and consistent approach I could help them to turn down the volume on their fears and turn up their interview performance.

But then I noticed something else that shocked me.

The same questions were coming up again and again and again. I couldn’t believe it. Exactly the same questions were being asked and candidates were struggling to answer them. It was then I realised that if I could help my candidates to consistently answer these questions well, their success rates would skyrocket. And that’s exactly what happened!

Through trial and error, I devised an approach that anyone can use to prepare properly for the most common interview questions. The feedback from my candidates told me that I was on to something. They started to actually look forward to interviews because they knew they would do well.

And then the job offers started to roll in too!