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‘The definitive guide to preparing for, attending and following up after all job interviews’

I’m Jonathan Graham and I’ve been helping candidates prepare and succeed in interviews for over 20 years.

My experience in assisting with interview preparation began when I worked for a top search and selection firm in the Square Mile in London.

I’ve helped thousands of people over the years to prepare for and attend job interviews. I’ve been there throughout the process and held their hand from initial interview through to final interview and offer stages. This was part of my job as a recruitment consultant and it was the part I enjoyed the most. Gradually I started to realise something that should have been blindingly obvious that was holding candidates back time and again.

No-one ever gets trained in how to approach job interviews.

When the thought struck me I immediately knew I could help. I was making the difference for my candidates because the preparation I was giving them was allowing them to walk into interviews with confidence, knowing that they were the best prepared candidate on the day. They felt unstoppable and this resulted in many of them getting the job!

Do you search the internet looking for interview tips but end up more confused than when you started?

You’re not alone. There are endless discussion threads, free resources and YouTube videos that claim to have the ‘magic formula’ for interview success. The problem is that they’re all different and many of them are from people who haven’t seen all sides of the recruitment puzzle.

I’ve been a recruitment consultant, a hiring manager, a business owner and of course a candidate many times. I KNOW what it takes to be successful at interviews and I want to share my experience with you so you never have to rely on unqualified advice from random people on the internet again.

If you’ve ever experienced any of these scenarios then this course is for you:

  • You spend the night before an interview struggling to sleep
  • You regurgitate the same ineffective answers at every interview
  • You have no idea how to read a job spec or a job ad
  • You don’t know how to pick out the most relevant experience from your CV
  • You don’t recognise competency based questions or understand how to answer them
  • You use the same strategy for first interviews, second interviews and final interviews
  • Your mind goes blank when the interviewer asks if you have any questions to ask them
  • You’ve got a video interview but you don’t know how to set up your room or use the technology
  • You lack confidence when negotiating salary and consistently end up with less than you wanted
  • You don’t know how to approach assessment centres or understand what’s being assessed
  • You don’t know how to follow up after an interview, or even if you should follow up
  • You don’t know how to ask for feedback from unsuccessful interviews
  • You don’t know how to act on feedback and improve for your next interview
  • You enter the interview full of nerves and lacking in confidence
  • There is no conviction in your answers because you’re unsure of what to say
  • You go to interview after interview hoping it will be better this time, but it never is
  • You’re wondering how on earth to ace these interviews and get the job!

Let’s put an end to that!

The Ultimate Interview Course will teach you how to prepare, approach and succeed at all types of job interview you may face.

The course will guide you through everything you need to know in order to greatly increase your chances of getting a job offer. Student feedback has shown that people feel much more prepared, calm and ultimately more confident in interviews after they have taken the course.

This course is the result of 20 years working in recruitment and training, and being a candidate myself multiple times! I know that the content in this course will help you to prepare properly for any interview you attend, and to be successful in securing a job offer.

You will learn how to prepare properly so that you go into each interview in the best possible position. You’ll learn how to research the job description, the company you are going to, the person you are meeting and you’ll know how to put all these things together with the information from your CV. Doing this will make you a much more professional candidate who will impress at any interview.

You’ll be able to approach any interview you may face, from telephone interviews, to face to face interviews; we even cover assessment days. I have put all my knowledge into this course, and I know it works!

But don’t just take my word for it, hear from real people who have purchased and used the course to massively improve their confidence and interview performance

“The calm methodical approach of the instructor together with the comprehensive content of the course was really beneficial. The overall approach showing the employers view point and how to interpret various questions and provide a suitable response has been very helpful. Overall what I have gained most from the course is CONFIDENCE I now feel ready for my interview or any interview.”

“The course is very comprehensive and has made me aware of the need to consider the interview from the potential employer’s point of view. There is much more preparation required than I had appreciated and the course has made me realise that the interview is in effect a mini project. The lectures are easy to follow and understand and the conversational approach has made the course appear shorter than I had anticipated. My time on this course has been very well spent and the course has made me much more confident for my next interview.”

“Jonathan’s drawn on his extensive experience in recruitment, hiring, coaching and training, and created an online course that walks you through each of the critical steps within the interview process. This is a comprehensive guide in how to get it right including the all important preparation and follow-up stages. To help with your research and preparation, Jonathan’s included a number of pro formas that you can download and complete. An invaluable course that you can refer to whenever needed.”

Picture for a moment your next interview. As you sit outside the room waiting to go in, you’re feeling the same as you’ve always felt, nervous, sweaty palms, the feeling of not being in control but knowing that with the right preparation things could have been very different.

Now imagine you’ve done that preparation and you feel confident and at ease for your next interview. How would that change things for you? How much better would you feel?

If your answer is confident, prepared and ready to ace that interview then it’s time to start using the Ultimate Interview Course.